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Some live shows you can download that have never before been available including some live tracks from when Troy was in Fashion

Troy Tate & Ten Feet Tall live at the Hanover Bad Music Theatre Germany December 21st 1983

House of the new breed
London’s swinging
If you shine
Leave that girl
I’m mad
Safety net
Love is
I’m not your toy
10 feet tall
Concrete jungle

Troy Tate - vocals & guitar
Ali Paterson - drums & backing vocals
Pete Rizzo - bass
Baz ? - keyboards


listen to some tracks before downloading the whole show


I remember this gig very well, the audience had been fairly muted all the way through the set and after the show as I was packing up the bands equipment people kept coming up and asking if that was all we were going to do! And then Troy came up and told me that apparently at this club, bands normally play for a couple of hours and they were going to go back on and do another set – so I had to reset the equipment back up and the band came back on and played what can only be described as a rather bizarre set, which was actually brilliant as it contained songs they had never actually done before, covers mostly and the audience went crazy! The whole thing turned into a bit of a party.

Naturally of course after the panic of setting it all back up again I completely forgot to record it. And I’ve been kicking myself ever since – oh well

live mix recorded from mixing desk to cassette and transfered 24 years later to my PC via a creative 24 bit sound card into sound forge as 24 bit wav files and converted into 320kbps mp3 files.

Troy Tate at the Odeon Munster Germany December 8th 1984

Concrete Jungle
Gods Puppet
High Altitude
House of the New Breed
Love is
Airport of Silence
Factory Girl

Bonus tracks – X-Ten Club Detmold Germany December 5th 1984

Girl on a Ferry
Tomorrow I’ll be Gone
Encore – Gods Puppet / Liberty

Troy Tate – Vocals, Guitar & Keyboards
Jez Foden – Guitar
Pete Rizzo – Bass
Malcolm Mortimer – Symonds Drums



The X-Ten gig was interesting because there was only ten people and a dog that had turned up (Wishbone Ash were playing the same night and Detmold's not exactly a big town) but that didn't stop it from being a good gig - don't know if the dog paid to get in tho!

The Munster show was just a normal gig, except the acoustics in the club was a bit like a vast echo chamber!

It’s interesting to note or not as the case may be! – The songs that were to end up on the liberty album and how the arrangements changed by the time of recording the album, which he did straight after the tour finished.  I was looking forward to the album as I had really liked the new songs and thought they could be turned into real killer tracks! So when Troy invited me up to the studio to hear the albums final playback I was a bit shocked to hear he’d been messing with them and to be honest at first, I didn’t like them, but over the years they finally grew on me, but that’s only my personal opinion, for anyone hearing the original live versions for the first time after listening to the studio ones all these years they may have the opposite view?

Fashion with Troy Tate on vocals Bochum Zeche Club Germany November 24th 1982

Love is

Dressed to kill

Move on

What’cha gonna do next





Fashion and Troy Tate 1982


In the first half of 1982 there was a real buzz about Fashion, their Fabrique album went straight into the album charts in the UK at number 8 on its release and they did a couple of sell out British tours and they were tipped as the next big thing. Then the singer and main song writer Dave Harris decided to leave the band the day before they were due to appear on the Whistle Test TV show, which to put it mildly was a bit of a disaster for the band and as it turned out, for Dave as well, but that’s another story.


I had been working for Fashion since the previous summer as their road manager and to be honest I knew this was coming.  Anyway the upshot of all this was the following week the band held auditions in their hometown of Birmingham, these were invitation only and this was where I first met Troy.  He’d been invited down by the record company, he’d recently left the Teardrop Explodes, when he arrived the band were in the studio with Alan Darby, what they wanted was a singer and guitarist to replace Dave Harris, anyway I met Troy and for some strange reason we sort of hit it off almost immediately and while we waited for the band I lent him my walkman to listen to the album, so he had an idea of the tracks.


As it turned out the band at this point were really impressed by Alan Darby, he is a very good guitarist, so when it came time for Troy to go and do his stuff Alan was still in there and as it turned out they really liked Troy as well, so Troy and Alan were in the band.  So the following week the band eventually managed to make it to the whistle test and one of the tracks they played was Troy’s What’cha gonna do next, which everyone thought was about Dave Harris but wasn’t, I think Troy had already recorded his version?


So Fashion went on a UK and European tour, of which I don’t remember much apart from the home town show at the Birmingham Odeon, which a few months earlier had been one of the best shows I’ve ever been involved in, a totally amazing gig, but then the new band with Troy and Alan in it didn’t go down at all well, in fact a lot of the audience as I remember was booing a lot of the time.  You have to remember troy was singing songs that had been recorded by another singer, who Troy didn’t really sound anything like, and to make things even worse for Troy he had been having really bad throat problems since the tour started and was basically losing his voice every night (one of my nightly duties was to keep him supplied with hot honey drinks, which I made at the side of the stage, he also had a pot of honey on stage that he kept dipping his fingers into and eating). So after the tour Troy left the band, they only made one more album with Alan Darby on vocals, released in 1983, toured the UK and more or less broke up after that. Sad really they could have been a very successful band if only Dave Harris hadn’t decided he wanted to go solo, but then I would never have met Troy Tate and discovered a really talented songwriter and ended up with this web site dedicated to him.


Bob Edwards

April 2008

live Fashion tracks recorded onto cassette from the mixing desk and transferred to digital format 25 years later by me
live sound mix by Paul Harvey

all other live tracks mixed by me

Fashion - Move On with Troy Tate live on the Old Grey Whistle Test 1982 


Download video 

Fashion with Troy back left

Troy at the Half Moon London 1985

soundcheck with Jez in the background