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I found and ripped these videos from youtube, they were posted by prunelogic   The quality is a bit iffy, but then they are over 25 years old and probably came from old VHS tapes? The audio/video sync was out quite a bit so i had to resync them.

The Sorrow video I left the original audio in because after trying to add the album audio track to it i discovered it was running at a different speed, which probably explains the wobbly guitar sound in the video audio? so I ripped and just cleaned up the audio that was in the original video file

The Thomas video I was able to stick the album track over it and it works ok to a point!

The Love is.... video was a bit of a challenge as the file I ripped from youtube was at 12 frames per second, which may explain its jerky nature? and the audio track sounded horrible and was out of sync with the video, I had to re-edit the video in places in order to get the album version to sync with Troy singing (its not perfect but its the best I can do with it)

As far as I know these are the only videos Troy made? and the ones on you tube are the only copies available, so big thanks to prunelogic for making them available.

** update October 2008 **

All the videos have now been remastered again and are much better quality

(it turns out prunelogic was actually Troy) 

Troy Tate - Sorrow


Video Directed by Tim Broadbent

Troy Tate - Thomas

Video Directed by Meart Avis

Troy Tate - Love is......

Video Directed by John Maybury