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Free download of Troy Tate's 2 albums from 1984/85

 I was lucky enough to have worked with Troy in the early 80’s as his road manager and also consider him a friend.  I also consider him to be one of the best song writers from that period, unfortunately he never got the recognition he deserved and now both his albums are no longer available to buy, except over priced second hand ones, which is why I thought it time to make them available to download.


Both albums were copied from my very old vinyl records, as were the bonus tracks from 12” singles.  I’m sorry about the odd click and pop, I cleaned them as best I could but they were over 20 years old and well played, but they are now mastered at 320kbps mp3 and are sounding good, although airport of silence from the Liberty album, the last track, sticks right on the last note so I just let it run and faded it out, which is a shame but for some reason actually sounds right.


If you google Troy Tate all you get are pages of smiths links, he was the bands first producer but got fired before the album was finished, which is one of those things I suppose, its just a shame that’s all he’s remembered for and not his great music.


If you like his music tell people about it and just maybe one of today’s bands will discover his music and cover some of his songs, which still sound fresh even after 20 years or so.


Bob Edwards January 2008


(January 2018 - all music download links have been put back online at Dropbox)


 (This web site has the full approval of Troy Tate)

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This is a link to an Interview with Troy in 1981 when he was in the Teardrop Explodes - Link

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